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We are so proud to be hosting an incredible 'Humblebee Yoga' retreat with the amazing Rachel Matthews and Cassie Aurora. 

To book onto this 'Digital Detox Discovery' retreat hosted by Harmony Mountain Retreat please visit their website !

Please read the information below found on their website about the up and coming retreat in August 2019...


This is a first for Humblebee! Although we always encourage a semi-digital detox on all our retreats to be as present as we can. This retreat is a specific digital detox and silence retreat!


Coming 2020 - Dates to be confirmed!


Why digital detox?

As we disconnect from our devices, we reconnect with ourself, our community, nature and the world at large. To create a space and experience that gives you the freedom and permission to truly unplug and decompress. You will all put aside your digital arm to recharge, gain perspective, and perhaps even reevaluate your relationship with digital technology. As you reemerge from the experience we hope you come away with new found inspiration and tools to create more mindful, meaningful and balanced lives, both online and off.


Why Silence**?

Silence an opportunity to cultivate presence, awareness, and an authentic relationship with yourself. When you spend time in silence, you start to learn that you don't need to react to all the waves of things arising and passing but just to allow space for the unfolding of life. Most people tap into a deep well of ease and peace. We will invite you in the mornings after yoga and breakfast to take the opportunity to sit quietly and set an intention for the day, perhaps journal or even meditate.


New experience for you? Don't worry...

It might sound daunting to some of you, but we all know that outside our comfort zone is where the magic and change happened. We hope that this type of retreat will allow you the space to rest, relax and come back to yourself. To lessen the need for outside stimulation and enjoy the beauty of being. The location is a secluded region near Tarragona and Barcelona is a soul inspiring and healing place.

- 5 night shared accommodation in beautiful house (twined shared)

- 2x Yoga asana a day

- 2x Meditation classes a day

- Delicious breakfast and dinner everyday (light lunch provided too!) All plant based and home made by on site chef

- 1x 60 minute holistic massage each

- 1x Ayurvedic consultancy with Cassie

- 1x 45 min yoga one to one each

- Intimate group size (8 max)



Rachel Matthews and Cassie Woolridge


Please read our T's and C's page before booking


**Please note, we are not going to be the phone police(!) We understand some of you might have children you wish to contact perhaps once a day - or a text or two if something is going on at home or needing to be in touch. We simply want to encourage that strength to notice the auto pilot of reaching and scrolling aimlessly and keep the phones off as much as we can. We hope you can become more aware of your habits and take them back to your everyday lives for a more social media free life!

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